The One Health One Medicine Foundation was founded in 2007 by St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine student Brittany King on the island of Grenada, West Indies.  The Foundation sprouted its roots from an animal vaccination clinic in a town called Grenville in the northern part of the island.  At this clinic, a local woman expressed her disappointment with the fact that the veterinary students were providing free health care for the animals but not for the people. Thus the idea of combining both aspects of medicine, human and animal, at the same place and at the same time began to take shape.  Brittany worked diligently with St. George’s University School of Medicine to bring the clinicians and the medical students to the next veterinary vaccination clinic.  Free human medical care, animal vaccinations, relevant island zoonotic diseases information, pet food, leashes, collars, people snacks, and healthcare information were provided to both the people and animals of Grenada at the first “One Health, One Medicine” Clinic on November 10th, 2007 in St. David’s, Grenada.  Two more clinics have since taken place in different parishes on the island.

Why the idea of “One Health One Medicine”?  The concept focuses on the convergence of human, animal, and ecosystem health.  Addressing these issues collectively is critical to combating zoonotic disease transmission, bioterrorism, environmental issues, and improving health care worldwide.  I strongly believe that improving today’s health care needs to be a collaborative effort.  It is a goal in which so much more can be accomplished working together as “One Health” and “One Medicine” in a united effort rather than divided.

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