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Jumping Muscles Ever wondered what muscles are used in jumping the most, so you can focus on those particular muscles? A study has shown, what muscles are used most in jumping. Don’t forget that you need to utilize every muscle when jumping and not just train one specific muscle. The study listed above shows the… Read Article →

“Many end up with a weakness in forearm development simply because they don’t train forearms correctly from the beginning.” Thus wrote the master of muscle, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in his book The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. The forearms, though they may be smaller, are just like any other muscle in your body: they need disciplined… Read Article →

The rising cost of food, gas and other necessities make a gym membership and expensive workout equipment seem like a luxury, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your waistline to protect your wallet. There are many ways to get in your daily routine without spending a penny. The key to a low-cost or… Read Article →

Samantha Grice Jackie Burns is a Toronto-based freelance writer who covers the healthy body beat for Love and Blueberries. Q: You’ve taken on the “healthy body” beat for Love and Blueberries, do you think of yourself as having a healthy body? A: I feel like I’m in pretty good shape and my BMI is within… Read Article →

Many athletes are looking for tips on how to jump higher in basketball.  The main reason is that basketball players want to be able to dunk, go up higher for rebounds and to jump higher to get blocked shots.  Being able to jump higher in basketball is a huge advantage and will greatly improve your… Read Article →

Yoga doesn’t have enough fitness clout. Over the years, I’ve heard many say ‘no thanks’ to yoga before they’ve even tried it. All sorts of yoga myths are spun — I’m not flexible enough, meditation is not for me, where’s the cardio? They couldn’t be more wrong. In this thoughtful Huffington Post article, Lauren Cahn… Read Article →

Doug DiPasquale aka The Healthy Foodie is That’s’s resident brainiac on all things related to healthy eating. As a graduate of the Institute of the Holistic Nutrition as well as George Brown college’s chef training program, Doug knows that good food means good nutrition. Q: As someone who writes under the moniker of The… Read Article →

It used to be that when you said the words “gym,” “workout,” and especially “weight room,” you could practically sniff the testosterone in the air. And the mental picture? Beads of masculine sweat dropping onto filthy mats and the kind of tight muscle tees that only people on HGH favor today. That was then (the… Read Article →

For most of us, the hardest part about exercise is just lacing up and getting out the door. The phone rings, you have kids to get ready for school, meals to prepare, bills to pay, e-mail to return…Motivation isn’t always easy to come by when you have a slew of responsibilities hanging over your head,… Read Article →

If there’s one magic bullet for enhancing the quality of your looks — and your life in general — it’s exercise. Here’s why, from Dr. Amy Wechsler, author of The Mind-Beauty Connection. I know I’m not the first person to tell you that exercise is good for you. You’ve heard the mantra many times before…. Read Article →

The Bar Method (Los Angeles) is the best thing ever! I have tried many different types of work outs and nothing else has held my interest as long as Bar Method has. It’s addictive! It hurts, but the results are worth the pain. Plus, the instructors are fantastic and sometimes that makes all the difference…. Read Article →

Dear Producers, Let me start by saying that I am indebted to “Dance Your Ass Off” for any scintilla of cool I might have. Who knew what Fierce Thwacking was? Or Booty Cranking? Or thrashing as a dance form? And how fabulous to watch full-figured bodies rocking the rhythm in ways that skinny boppers can’t… Read Article →

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