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If you are experiencing tonsil stones symptoms then you can either choose to treatment them surgically or naturally. Surgeons can either go in and scrap off and remove the stones themselves in a short procedure. However, if you get them a lot of have problems with your tonsils in general a lot they may decide to… Read Article →

For the past few months we’ve been focusing a lot of my Lab’s energy on uncovering some of the reasons behind why children overeat and how to help them easily cut back. Here’s an early finding from one study. It seems a child’s perception of serving size can be adjusted by cutting snacks and foods… Read Article →

Have you ever taken Plan B? Have you ever waited too long after unprotected sex to take it? Would you use it instead of Plan B if you had the option? If you want to split hairs on this issue, the regular birth control pill causes abortions by preventing the fertilized egg from attaching to… Read Article →

Humans and animals can be affected by the very same diseases and it is essential that medical personnel work together in their fight for wellness regardless of the species they are treating. The theme of “One Medicine – One health” was firmly etched in the minds of the residents of a St. David’s village on… Read Article →

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