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Doctors always prescribed antihistamines to treat my hay fever. Okay, it did relieve the symptoms, but it made me drowsy. Then I read one day about honey for allergies. Because local honey is produced with the same pollen that is causing hay fever, it works to strengthen the immune system against that particular local pollen…. Read Article →

You may have noticed this past holiday season, while sitting down to one of your many holiday meals that seem to continue long after the holidays are over, a delicious, gelatinous red mass in the corner of your plate. Cranberry sauce is as much a part of a holiday meal as the turkey itself. But… Read Article →

OK, here’s an update on the homemade orangina I wrote about a couple of days ago. The truth is, it didn’t turn out so well. When I opened up the mysterious looking beverage after letting it ferment for 2 days, it wasn’t fizzy and there was a film of oil floating on the top. My… Read Article →

Basically I put a handful of spinach, sliced cucumbers, small sliced tomato, black beans, and Ken\’s Steak House Lite Ceasar dressing (update: I’m working on a homemade replacement for this). This dressing is so flavorful and has a little bit of a spicy bite. I only use about a teaspoon or so and that tiny… Read Article →

First of all, let us know what is folic acid good for our body and what is it. Lucy Wills discovered a link between folic acid and anemia during pregnancy back in 1931. Wills observed the fact that anemia could be overcome by consuming yeast, a great source of such vitamin. It was first extracted… Read Article →

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