Get a Bikini Body on the .99 Cents Store Diet!

Want a bikini body, but your budget only allows for fast food? Well… the whole “I can’t afford to eat healthy” myth: Busted. Turns out, there are lots of ways to eat healthy without being wealthy. How? Discount stores. I know; it’s easy to discount discount stores, assuming that they only vend the lower end goods beyond their prime and with expired expiration dates. Not so. In fact, you can go on a .99 Cent Store Diet and lose enough weight to slip into your skimpy bikini before summer’s end. Healthy food plus an exercise program like the Bikini Revolution that has you doing yoga, cardio and toning is the perfect way to get you bikini body ready. Yes, it’s possible and you can do it on a budget.

Sure, some discount stores that sell food tend to hock cheap processed junk better known to fatten, not flatten, you up. But if you shop smart (and at the right stores), you can easily buy a week’s worth of slimming food for $25.

The .99 Cents Store Diet

No this is not some over-hyped nonsense trendy diet. This is all about how to live fit, in real life… on a budget. Take $25, walk around the .99 Cents Store (the operative word is “around,” since the junk tends to reside in the inside aisles and the healthy stuff sits along the perimeter), fill your basket with fresh produce, dairy, high fiber cereals and bread, lean proteins, and diet drinks, and that’s your food for the week. Yes, with just $25 (less than a week’s worth of fast food), you will lose weight.

You see, .99 Cents Only Stores buy their produce from the same growers and distributors as other grocery stores, stocking their shelves with everyday items like the bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, plus specialty goods (like blueberries and mango) that they get from farmers who produce too much produce and want to turn some type of a profit on the excess instead of letting it go to waste. Translation: It’s the exact same brands and quality you’ll find at other grocery stores (even organic items), except, instead of paying as much as $6 on some items, you spend less than a buck. So, if you’re looking to jump-start your weight loss and can’t spend much–snag some of these great deals and get moving with a great workout program to start burning calories and you will be on your way!

Sadly, .99 Cents Only Stores aren’t yet in every state, but there are lots of other similar stores, each with their own offerings.

No .99 Cents Store Near You?
Here are other spend-thrift ways to lose weight:

 Farmer’s Markets

Local farmer’s markets sell seasonal organic fare for significantly less than you will find at your average grocery store. And what’s best is that the produce is literally farm fresh. I mean, picked, put into crates, and hauled off to market, sometimes the same day! Now that’s fresh.

Grocery Store Club Cards
Forget about coupon clipping! Those grocery store club cards really can save you a bundle if you shop smart and buy based on the deals.

 Trader Joes and even Wal-Mart

Similar to .99 Cent Stores, you can get amazing deals from grocery stores that know how to appeal to the budget conscious.

Grow it Yourself
It’s not as hard as you think. In fact, you can even buy “tomatoes in a bag” or “herbs in a can” letting you create windowsill gardens that produce produce as good as if you grew it outside in the dirt.