How to Make Pizza Healthy

A few things to avoid while making or ordering your pizza: extra cheese, too much meat, and cheesy crust.

Extra Cheese and Cheesy Crust: Too much cheese is not okay. We all know cheese has protein and too much protein can cause weight gain. So you never want extra cheese because the amount they already give you is okay. Cheesy crust is once again just an add on of cheese that you don’t need.

Too much meat: the problem with too much meat is that all meat has some fat content and once again with the same thing as the cheese too much protein can cause weight gain.

Some things you could add to your pizza are vegetables. Most to go pizza has a various array of vegetables such as: tomatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms, olives, pineapple, and artichoke hearts.

Also if you don’t enjoy cheese on your pizza order your pizza without it. It can shave several fat grams while enhancing the taste to your liking, because as I covered in the second paragraph. You can also do the same thing with sauce.

You can also maybe replace you cheese with skim milk cheese if you are making it yourself. You can also make the sauce yourself out of tomatoes and other vegetables. You can buy organic meat and maybe by fresh vegetables so you don’t have to worry about the syrup the vegetable was preserved in, but you would have to chop it up yourself so it matters how devoted you are to making your pizza healthy. You can make home-made crust so you could make certain adjustments in the recipe. You might also want to grow your own vegetables to make sure there is no preservatives in the vegetables you buy. If you don’t have your own vegetables buy organic or home-grown vegetables from local farmers.

Another way to make your pizza healthier is that you could get whole wheat thin crust. Whole wheat is a lot better than white flour. Also with the thin crust the less there is the less fats there are. We can also just add all the veggies because unlike a lot of stuff too much of a good thing is bad, with veggies you can’t get enough to where they were bad. There could be many other ways that you could make your pizza healthier, so go out and explore so you can find out what other things you can do.

You still can’t forget to not have too much of the bad thing also. There are some good, lean, meats out there but there is not many, so you should watch out for that. You can’t forget about the cheese thing either, even if it’s skim milk cheese too much could cause weight gain.