Tomatoes And A Normal Blood Sugar Levels Chart

Diabetics need to keep normal blood sugar levels chart for them to be able to regularly check their condition. Normal blood sugar levels are mostly controlled by the food that patients eat with some other factors to consider like sleep and exercise. The choice of food that can be included in the diet should help the patients to control their sugar levels. Fruits and vegetables are also sources of carbohydrates that can be transformed by the body into blood sugar. Food intake may also be noted in the normal blood sugar levels chart for better diabetes management.

Patients who are planning their dietary requirements may include in their normal blood sugar levels chart fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes are one of the most beneficial natural foods that diabetic patients can eat. Tomatoes contain carbohydrates as well as fibers which aids in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. However, though tomatoes are generally good for diabetic patients, they may still have to regulate the amount of intake. Tomato juice and tomato soup contain more carbohydrates and lesser fiber. Diabetic patients may need to consult with their dieticians as to the quantity of tomato juice or tomato soup that they can have in a day.

Aside from carbohydrates and fiber, tomatoes also contain sodium, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids as well. There are other health benefits that diabetic patients can get from eating tomatoes aside from helping their bodies in regulating normal blood sugar levels. The elements found in tomatoes help the body to protect and preserve the cells from the destructive effects of too much blood sugar aside from preventing major diseases such as cancer. Patients may track the effects of eating tomatoes using their normal blood sugar levels chart. They may also be able to analyze all of effects of their food intake through the details that they jot down in their charts.