Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

Some debates Here:

Do people even know which version of a vaccine they got? Formulas change over the years and some have the harmful ingredients and some don’t. Was the study on vaccines in general or was there a study specifically on thimerosal? No one seems to know how to conduct science anymore. 12 is not scientific. Statistically, you should look at thousands and the only variable should be the specific ingredient in question. The bottom line on the debate is … we don’t know. I dare anyone to put all the one they will ever make for the rest of their life on the line to say with certainty that there is or is not a link between vaccines and autism.

Autism is a genetic problem and NOT a vaccination problem. There has never been a credible study they proves there is a link. The original study has not only showed have been flawed, but falsified, i.e., a lie. It is virtually impossible to prove there isn’t a link. That is the problem when trying to prove a negative. Try proving you did NOT do something. That’s why we are all innocent until proven guilty. The same is true for real science.

Actually, a recent study said that it is only 10% genetic and 90% environmental. I love how doctors and scientists all stand tall saying we are right we are right…then the next year a new study comes out and disproves the old one. Science changes every few years, how can one say with certainty that there is no link or never will be.

The studies that I have seen and read say autism is caused by the mercury in the vaccines. It supposedly is used as a preservative. Almost seems as dangerous as putting industrial waiste called fluroide in our water to mass medicate us. People should have the right to choose what they put in their children’s bodies.

Parent’s with a history of autoimmune Disease in their family history should at least ask for vaccines without preservatives for their children. As for scientific studies that show that vaccines doesn’t cause Autism are as trustworthy as cigarette’s doesn’t cause lung cancer. I think we should conduct a study of what the % of doctors & nurses actually have their own family members vaccinated with all those Preservatives.


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