Ask a Fitness Expert: Should I Workout During My Period?

Dear Sarah: I once read that women are supposed to take it easy when they have their period, is this true? Or can I maintain my regular workout routine throughout my cycle?


Dear Jane: Exercise during your period may not be as pleasant as eating a piece of chocolate cake and curling up in bed with a heating pad, but its benefits far outweigh its unpleasantries, and you can still use your heating pad when you are done.

During your period keep in mind what is happening in your body. Your menstrual blood is flowing down and exiting; your liver is processing your (sometimes raging) hormones and your body is trying to maintain fluid balance (sometimes causing bloating).

Your exercise routine can help make all this a more pleasant experience, so keep the following in mind:

– Light to medium cardiovascular activities will increase circulation, aid the liver in processing your hormones, reduce cramping and increase the flow of endorphins that make you feel good.

– Cardiovascular exercise will also induce perspiration which will help regulate your fluids – say goodbye to bloating.

– Lower body work will help loosen tight muscles and strengthen your pelvic floor, which supports your reproductive organs.

And keep in mind that although yoga can be a great workout, hanging upside down doesn’t go with the flow. Here is another related article for your reference:

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  1. I just started a workout program 3 weeks ago. This week I’ve gone 5 times and I’ve done a combination of the elliptical, treadmill, swimming and aerobics. I am about 5’8 and 184 pounds. I was wondering, when is the best time to work out (morning, afternoon, night)? What should the intensity be? Finally, what should my focus be?

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