Folding Vs. Non-folding Treadmills For Home Fitness

You have two options when you buy a treadmill, you can buy either a folding treadmill or one which will take up the same amount of space whether it is in use or not. Before you make this decision you should really learn more about each of these types of machine so that you don’t waste your money when you go shopping for your new piece of home exercise equipment.

With a folding treadmill the machine has the console area as well as the running track that fold together. Most of the time these treadmills also have wheels on them so that they can easily be moved when they need to be stored out of the way. There are manually folding treadmills which require you to fold the machine with your own power and then are automatic versions which do the work for you, but these are harder to find and more expensive.

As you can guess a non-folding treadmill doesn’t fold up at all but instead is one large piece instead of having a joint between the console and the rung track. Sometimes these treadmills will have wheels that can be used to move the equipment.

There are two key factors in deciding if you want a folding treadmill or a non-folding one. The first is the amount of space you have to store your piece of equipment. If you don’t have a lot of space you may want to check into a folding machine. The other thing to keep in mind is that non-folding treadmills tend to be a little more stable than folding ones. This doesn’t mean a folding treadmill isn’t stable but for some people they may not like running with a little bit of bounce from the machine.