Half Marathon – Meeting the Highest Criteria of Sturdiness and Functionality

Half marathon is basically a running event of 13.1094 miles (21.09 kilometers) that is usually held in roads. Although it is not as demanding as a typical full marathon, the event does require enough training and practice as it’s by itself a rather daunting undertaking. In 2010, there were projections that it was the fastest growing racing competition hence a booming popularity of the competition. Sometimes, the marathon and the typical marathon are held concurrently just that the former is inclusive of an early finish and/or short-cuts.

The Legends

Half Marathon has both highly celebrated and unsung heroes. With Kenya topping the charts having a great team behind the sport, other countries such as United States, Ethiopia, United Kingdom, Mexico and Australia have remarkably produced top competitors in the sport. The best of all has been Kenya’s Mike Musyoki who registered top wins in the early years of the competition. Overtime, the late extra talented Samuel Wanjiru confirmed Kenya’s glory in the sport with undisputed and resounding wins. Although he did not live long to bag more golds in the marathon competition, at 22, he had enough wins far and above many old legends in the highly competitive and regulative face of the sport.

The Training

Training for a half marathon can be a daunting task perfectly packed with unmatched excitement, drive and enthusiasm. However, it is advised that for a great training schedule, the participant should book a program that best suits them. And many times, consulting a personal doctor is a great step as this can help unveil your body’s potential to achieve remarkably after the training. Other training scopes include; subscribing to an online newsletter for runners, maintaining an active lifestyle and completing a pre-training schedule.

The Facts

Essentially, there are a wide range of funny facts. For instance, in the marathon, age is not a limit as more than 50% of the participants are above 35 years of age. Further, more than 59% of finishers in 2011 were all females. This reflects that the race is not subject to males as many would view it. United States only broke the half marathon record once in 2007 when Ryan Hall ran in the Houston Marathon and scooped top position with a whooping 53:49 seconds. The Nike’s Women Half Marathon held in San Francisco was the most popular race which attracted a stunning 15,000 participants.

The Benefits

Training or running this training plan will enable you to discover a lot of routes. Additionally, the marathon allows you to experience a lot of health benefits such as efficient blood flow, gaseous exchange, weight loss, muscle stimulation, smooth skin and water and heat regulation due to sweating. Running half marathon also allows you to build on your stamina and motivation and particularly as you run amidst a large crowd of people.

Finally, for those preparing for a full marathon, this plan is a great stimulator as it enables one to discover a lot in terms of running as well as appreciate the current trending scopes of running in a bid to generate enough courage, energy and simulation. Luckily ,as many forms of health and fitness centers lag in the implementation of interoperable systems that can increase performance of runners, then, it will always be there to solve these inefficiencies.