How I Stay Fit: The Healthy Foodie

Doug DiPasquale aka The Healthy Foodie is That’s’s resident brainiac on all things related to healthy eating. As a graduate of the Institute of the Holistic Nutrition as well as George Brown college’s chef training program, Doug knows that good food means good nutrition.

Q: As someone who writes under the moniker of The Healthy Foodie, just how healthy is your diet?

A: Nobody is perfect, although I think perfection is something to be aimed for. The habits that I’ve purposely cultivated, and continue to cultivate, are all based on healthy holistic principles. But to say that nothing ever slips in that shouldn’t would be untrue. I’d say my diet is about 75% to what I would consider to be an absolutely ideal healthy diet, and it gets closer to 100% all the time. I’m constantly making adjustments as I learn more, though, so I don’t think there is a static perfect diet.

Q: What motivates you to eat nutritiously?

A: I used to be plagued by constant heartburn and correcting the root cause of that problem using nutrition instead of just smothering the symptoms with antacids showed me what is possible with the proper diet, for example, Subway Diet or Suzanne Somers Diet. Plus once you use nutrition to solve one problem you end up getting rid of nagging symptoms you’d always thought you just had to live with. You feel better overall and your mood improves, so I guess you could say my motivation is happiness.

Q: Do you face any challenges in your effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

A: Of course! One of the biggest challenges is being in social situations. What other people consider healthy often differs from what I consider healthy so I rarely meet other’s expectations, which can be difficult. I don’t always want to be a walking holistic dictionary so it can be awkward when someone looks at you sideways for not using the “fat free” whatever or avoiding the tofu. You don’t always want to explain yourself, so that can be a challenge.

Q: What’s the most “unhealthy” thing you’ve eaten recently?

A: That would have to be poutine from a new gourmet poutine restaurant my sister wanted to show me. Not that poutine is inherently bad (I’m sure I could make a relatively healthy version of it), but in restaurants you never know what sort of oil they’re frying in or what goes into their sauces and gravies. It also makes for a heavy meal without any fresh vegetables (although mine had peas on it), which I try to avoid.

Q: Do you have any health goals?

A: Definitely. My goals mostly deal with exercise. Although I do exercise, I have trouble sticking to a routine. I’ll come up with something and stick with it for a few weeks and then fall off the wagon for another few weeks. I had a routine where I was running every other day and doing push-ups on my off days. It seemed like a good routine and I was really starting to get results, but then the holidays threw it right out of whack.