How To Jump Higher In Basketball

Many athletes are looking for tips on how to jump higher in basketball.  The main reason is that basketball players want to be able to dunk, go up higher for rebounds and to jump higher to get blocked shots.  Being able to jump higher in basketball is a huge advantage and will greatly improve your performance on the court.

Below is a set of exercises to jump higher you can start doing today to help increase your vertical for basketball.  Before doing any exercises or training program always make sure to warm up your muscles with a light jog and to also do some stretching.  This will not only increase your results but also prevent the likelihood of injury.

Jump Higher In Basketball Exercises

The first exercise you will want to do is squats.  Squats are one of the best overall exercises you can do as they work many muscles in your legs and also work your back.  Squats should be done with a weight belt on and make sure you bring the weight down slowly and control it.  You want to go down until your knees are at a 90 degree angle with your knees over your toes. Then push the weight back up to a standing position and repeat.

The second vertical jump exercise you will want to do to jump higher in basketball is lunges.  Grab a dumbbell in each hand and step forward with your right leg.  Lower your body down until you left knee is almost to the ground and then show yourself back up to a standing position with your right leg.  Then repeat with the opposite leg switch back and forth from one leg to the other.  You can also do one leg at a time, the choice is up to you.

The third jump higher exercise is box jumps.  Grab a box or cone that is about 12 inches high.  Stand with your feet together on one side of the box and jump with both feet to the opposite side.  As soon as you land immediately jump back to the side you started from and continue on jumping from one side to the other.  The key here is to spending as little time as possible on the ground.  You want to be quickly jumping from one side to the other.

The last how to jump higher in basketball exercise is rim jump.  Stand underneath a basketball rim and jump off both feet trying to touch as high on the rim as possible.  As soon as you land back on the ground jump up again trying to touch an even higher spot.  Continue on for 8-10 jumps.

These 4 vertical jump exercises will put you on the right path to increasing your vertical and learning how to jump higher in basketball.