What muscles are used when your jumping?

Jumping Muscles

Ever wondered what muscles are used in jumping the most, so you can focus on those particular muscles? A study has shown, what muscles are used most in jumping. Don’t forget that you need to utilize every muscle when jumping and not just train one specific muscle.

The study listed above shows the muscle groups and their percentages of use;

A. Lower body
hip extension
knee extension
plantar flexion.

B. Back:
Retro flexion

C. Shoulders:

Please note that everyone is different, and its best to train all your muscles when performing vertical jump training or jumping. All the muscles used in jumping should be trained equally, bare in mind that for example, if this study says that the bicep is a vital tool in jumping, it does not say that you must train that solely, you must train your jumping muscles equally.

How to increase your hang time

There is absolutely no way for you to increase your hang time. The only way to actually increase the time you’re in the air for is to increase your vertical! Some people like Michael Jordan appear to float, or have hang time, but it’s just an illusion he makes with his legs.

Hang time is all about the illusion, but for the illusion to work, you need to jump higher and faster. To jump higher you need to increase your vertical leap, so there is no actual way to increase the time you hang in the air, but you can increase the time you are in the air for.

Sports science also did a video on this and they busted the myth, hang time is not real, its an illusion.