Disappearance of My Ovarian Cysts

My three ovarian cysts shrink and disappear safely and naturally.
No surgery is necessary.

Supporting Actions:

I will start on the long process of losing more than 100 pounds.
I will get some form of exercise everyday of the week.
I will completely revise my diet to include many more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.
I will do something fun that makes me happy everyday.
I will clean up my house to make me feel better about my living environment.
I will focus a lot of energy on the health and happiness of my husband and others close to me.

Background Information:

I have always been overweight. More recently, I have become very obese. Even though, I have been overweight since I was 8 years old (I’m now almost 24), I have managed to get sick very rarely, and I have never been admitted to a hospital.
This all changed a little over a month ago.
Last August I took a job that I hated (inner city high school science teacher with no student teaching experience) so that my husband and I could get married.
The job wore on me all year long. I lived in constant dread even over holiday breaks. I knew the stress finally took its toll when I suffered one night from debilitating abdominal pain. I thought my appendix was going to burst. I ended my hospital free streak and apent the night in the ER. I was in such pain that I was very happy to be at that hospital. They pumped me with pain drugs and did a CT scan of my intestines and an ultrasound. The ultrasound found very large ovarian cysts. I was referred to a gynecologist and have been back there four times. The cysts are still there and about the same size. The largest was 10 cm in diameter. That’s four times the size of my ovaries. I think it has gone down 1 cm at my last visit though. I tried taking birth control pills, but that did nothing. The cysts are complex meaning there is blood and other random stuff in them. They are not the simple fluid filled kind.
At my last visit, my doctor said that I would probably need surgery. This surgery is inpatient and can result in up to a week’s stay in the hopital. Plus there is a 4 week recovery period! They will have to slice into my lower abdomen to clear the cysts out. I really do not want to go through with this. I do not want to waste more than half of my summer lying around on my back in pain. I want to finally enjoy my life again now that I am forever done with that horrible job. Thank you for reading all of this if you did :) I really appreciate your time and thoughts.

First I’d like to say I can totally relate to what your going through, I myself am about to go to the GYN (first time in years). I’ve been busy taking care of my Mom (who has Ovarian Cancer, she’s terminal), and now its time to see what’s up with me. I too have many of your symptoms and am also a big gal, who has gained and lost about 300 pounds collectively.
The Journey of 1000 Steps starts with just 1 footstep. I see you successfully starting a walking routine, and I also see a radiant healing vortex made up of a blue healing light around you. Your not alone out there, see if you can find a group to walk with. Mall walking is cool if you live by one and the weather is bad. Got Tunes? I love my iPod, get some inspiring stuff to listen too (or whatever works). I use to listen to Limp Bizquit when I started to jog (after walking for hours a day, I needed to condense my work-out). Find a sensible diet to follow, I used The Zone but its whatever works really. I found that keeping a weight-loss journal worked well for me. Next time I commit I’ll do a YouTube Vlog. Yup, I’m a good 80 lbs overweight. Believe me I know, its not easy but the hardest part is getting in the groove. It takes a good two weeks to do this, then it gets easier, I promise. I’m glad your getting help for yourself, my mother never took her own health seriously; she was too busy taking care of everyone else. Hmmmm. Look out for number 1, Big is Beautiful! We can’t all look like Paris Hilton (and she has her own problems right now).