Celexa vs Lexapro – What’s the Difference

When studying the differences of Celexa vs Lexapro, you will see there are differences and similarities. There are several treatment options available for those seeking relief from anxiety comparison of them is one way to get a fair amount of information regarding available treatments. Both medications are formulated to work to fight depression, but are chemically different. Many people who look to compare them find out that these two treatments are not in fact interchangeable. Celexa is the generic version of the popular depression treatment and does not offer the exact results and it is the only original version approved for anxiety treatment and has a high effectiveness rate.

People who have been diagnosed with some form of anxiety will seek out information about the various medications used in treatment. With well over 3,000 different treatment formulations possible, a faster way to compare drugs would to pick a popular few. Celexa vs Lexapro is a great way to understand the main differences in depression treatments on the market. They are both popular medications that are classed as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Though they are formulated to work in the same part of the brain, their manner of effectiveness differs slightly.

The Pharmaceutical Variation

When comparing them, you will notice that they have a similar molecule structure. Celexa is made with the S and R enantiomner of the chemical citalopram, on the other hand, Lexapro only uses the S enantiomner of the chemical. The importance of these molecules is that they are nearly identical, but opposite of each others. To better understand them, think about your hands, both of them are the same, but they are opposites of the other. Celexa vs Lexapro is similar in that regard.

Lorazepan vs Xanax

Scientist that have conducted studies on both, have proven that the S portion of the compound is much more effective than the R portion. This study related to Celexa vs Lexapro use in the treatment of anxiety disorders and depression disorders. Patients who compare them often assume that Celexa is the more affordable option of Lexapro. In actuality, Celexa was created first using both enantiomner. While effective to an extent, further study showed the use of a single enantiomner more effective. Lexapro was the resulting development of the single enantiomner anxiety treatment.

Real Life Differences

Both of the medications have passes testing to gain approval as a depression treatment. when looking at the comparisons, you will also note that only Lexpro has also gained approval as an anxiety treatment Celexa is also effective in the fight against anxiety, but its effects have not been studied enough to gain approval. Patients who are starting a treatment regimen may find out more information on both products to help them make an informed choice about their ultimate course of treatment.

Celexa is the brand name of medication used for treatment; the compound is also available in the generic form. There is no difference in the effectiveness of the generic and the original. Lexapro on the other hand does not have a generic version and can only be found in the original form. The vast majority of studies support that for anxiety, both medications are effective, while Lexpro is more effective in fighting depression.