The golden gelcaps of ImmunolTM contain the potent liver oil of deep-water sharks, which is nature’s richest source of Alkylglycerols. Alkylglycerols are glyceryl ether lipids and are present in human milk (which contains ten times the amount of Alkylglycerols than is found in cow’s milk) and various organs in the body. Scientists believe that ImmunolTM, taken as a dietary supplement, adds to your body’s own Alkylglycerol levels to provide dietary support for the immune system.

The three Alkylglycerols studied by scientists in labor-tory studies for the last 70 years (batyl-chimyl-and selachyl-alcohol) have been shown to support healthy immune system function. Experiments in humans and animals have shown that Alkylglycerols improve the body’s immune defense mechanisms.

Kaire goes to great lengths to protect marine ecology and the integrity of individual shark populations by extracting and purifying the oil of several abundant species of the Centrophorus shark breed. These sharks swim in the non polluted deep waters of the Scandinavian seas, where they are primarily harvested for their meat.


ImmunolTM (35% Alkylglycerols) 500 mg

Directions: Take three gelcaps on an empty stomach daily for adults, and one to two a day for children.