Will Over the Counter Supplements help Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Are there any over the counter supplements that will help control my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

My Answer as below:

That’s a great question! Many people hope that taking a pill will solve all of their Chronic Fatigue problems. But remember, that is the one reason that the doctors are unable to produce a solution to this problem. They do not have a magic pill that makes it go away.

The solution to Chronic Fatigue is a series of life style changes.

However, proper supplementation does help in the process. The founder of The Healthy Cure, Dawn King, swears that the MSM/Proanthenol solution was the final piece of the puzzle in solving her Chronic Fatigue problem. However, Dawn does not recommend over the counter supplements, as they are often full of fillers, are low potency, not easily assimilated, and of questionable quality.