Local Honey for Allergies

Doctors always prescribed antihistamines to treat my hay fever. Okay, it did relieve the symptoms, but it made me drowsy. Then I read one day about honey for allergies. Because local honey is produced with the same pollen that is causing hay fever, it works to strengthen the immune system against that particular local pollen.

Having gained this knowledge, I used local honey in place of antihistamines and sugar — to sweeten tea, in cooking and even at breakfast on my toast. But, at some point, I got bored of eating honey everyday. I told a friend about this, and she told me to flavor it with essential oils. The idea of using essential oils in foods was new to me, but I tried it.

With two drops of mandarin oil and one of vanilla oil in 250 grams of clear honey, it was delicious and refreshing, especially during the summer months which is when I suffer hay fever. The best thing is, I don’t have hay fever at all anymore. The local honey cured me. But, because it is so delicious, I do still eat the flavored honey. There are many other foods and beverages that can be flavored with essential oils, too, including salad oils, vinegar and drinks.

Since using local honey for allergies and discovering how to flavor it, I’ve found more uses for essential oils. I even make my own perfume which smells better than anything I’ve ever bought.

So, allergies can have a positive effect!