Cleaning This Gun

Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy)” was written by Casey Beathard and Marla-Cannon Goodman, and recorded by country music artist Rodney Atkins for his 2006 album If You’re Going Through Hell. This was the album’s fourth single and is also Atkins’ fourth consecutive Number One hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, tying a record held by Tim McGraw for most Number Ones from a country album.

This song is perfect for the dads who have daughters bringing home their boyfriends for the first time. It starts out with the narrator recalling a speech that the father of his girlfriend gave him the first time that they met. Stating (sarcastically) that his daughter is “her daddy’s girl, her momma’s world. She deserves respect. That’s what she’ll get, ain’t it son?” Going on to say that the two of them should run along and have some fun and he would see them when they get back… Well, you get the idea. If not, check out the lyrics and give it a listen via the YouTube video. I don’t think he ever filmed a music video for this song.

I couldn’t agree more! I have to have this speech well rehearsed for that “special” day when one of my daughter’s brings home her boyfriend for the first time. I think I may even have support and assistance from a few of my other friends, a couple of which also live in the Estrogen Ocean. That will be a fun day!