Good Samaritan yes or no?

by Nestle

Maybe you heard the story, women suing man who saved her life…you ask what? Yes apparently the courts now, don’t get me wrong let’s not leave out the Attorney’s as they are the ones that take on these cases to put the majority of the catch in there pockets along with the national recognition.

But yes to get back to where I left off before my Atty. tangent. The courts have made way for a women to sue the man that saved her life when she was in a life or death situation. Is it worth it to put your own life in danger to save another? And will Samaritans in the future now think twice before helping someone in distress, in fear of being sued?

Now the story as I read centers on the women now becoming a quadropaligic because of the harsh manner that the Samaritan used to extradite her from her car. Question is if someone is in danger of dieing should you stand there and watch them die or take whatever measures in order to save them?

Please tell me your thoughts, because I have to say, if you have to think twice before acting in a similar case, may you have just waited to long?