Paranoia is a word that is thrown around in our day to day culture, however, it can be a very serious aspect of psychiatric disorders. A word which is usually associated with simple suspiciousness, true paranoia can be mild or paralyzing. Though often an aspect of other psychological disorders, paranoia on its own is divided… Read Article →

Touching the body where it hurts is as basic an instinct as eating when hungry and sleeping when tired. Cave paintings in the Pyrenees from 15,000 years ago show injuries being treated with massage. In the 4th century, BC, Hippocrates stated, “The physician must be experienced in many things, but most assuredly in rubbing.” Massage,… Read Article →

Within the indigenous Latin American community, it is believed that one’s health is tied to the balance of energy in the individual, the community, and the universe at large. Ill health occurs when energy is out of balance, and it takes the efforts of the community to restore the patient’s health. The healer comes from… Read Article →

Diabetics need to keep normal blood sugar levels chart for them to be able to regularly check their condition. Normal blood sugar levels are mostly controlled by the food that patients eat with some other factors to consider like sleep and exercise. The choice of food that can be included in the diet should help… Read Article →

Doctors always prescribed antihistamines to treat my hay fever. Okay, it did relieve the symptoms, but it made me drowsy. Then I read one day about honey for allergies. Because local honey is produced with the same pollen that is causing hay fever, it works to strengthen the immune system against that particular local pollen…. Read Article →

The numbers are frightening. The National Institutes of Health estimate that a full 60% of American adults are overweight and 35% are obese, and it is not limited to children. At least 25% of the country’s children are either overweight or obese, and the weight problems will follow them into adulthood unless something drastic is… Read Article →

If you are experiencing sharp pains in your upper abdomen, especially after eating foods high in fat, it’s important to see a physician and get checked for gallbladder disease. Though potentially fatal, gallbladder disease is usually easily treatable, especially if caught early. The gallbladder is a small, sac-like organ located beneath the liver which aids… Read Article →

Weight reduction can be an essential problem that has become a primary importance among the folks of ages. It’s because over 1 / 2 of the people is struggling with obesity and over weight issues. The main reason of this type of situation is their poor eating habits. People in these times rely on junk… Read Article →

You’ve decided you want to start a whole new chapter in your life as a non smoker. You know your start in life isn’t what matters, it’s the finish you have in life that makes the difference. You’ve heard about nicotine patches but you’re not really sure if they are for you or not. The… Read Article →

Critics and doctors cannot agree on the answer to the age old question of how to get rid of pink eye in one day. Individuals claim that they have home or natural remedies to cure pink eye in a short period of time. Bacterial infections are cured with antibiotics while viral infections usually have to… Read Article →

People tend to have hair loss problems for many different reasons. Most of the time it is from genetics, which sadly cannot be helped. Hair regrowth products that are for sale on the market that can help with problems connected to hair loss that are not genetically caused. The loss of hair is caused by… Read Article →

Here are our images of 29 Weeks Pregnant Fetus Please like and share if you enjoy  29 Weeks Pregnant Fetus     29 Weeks Pregnant Fetus     29 Weeks Pregnant Fetus     29 Weeks Pregnant Fetus   Resource: Running While Pregnant

My three ovarian cysts shrink and disappear safely and naturally. No surgery is necessary. Supporting Actions: I will start on the long process of losing more than 100 pounds. I will get some form of exercise everyday of the week. I will completely revise my diet to include many more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables…. Read Article →

You may have noticed this past holiday season, while sitting down to one of your many holiday meals that seem to continue long after the holidays are over, a delicious, gelatinous red mass in the corner of your plate. Cranberry sauce is as much a part of a holiday meal as the turkey itself. But… Read Article →

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