Are you familiar with low estrogen birth control? Do you want to know more about it? This article will give you some insights about low estrogen birth control pills. The process of having contraception tablets was traditional across the world for a lot of generations these days. Through the years, medical doctors have realized brand-new… Read Article →

Silica: To grow and maintain naturally beautiful hair and nails you must have the right nutrients. Silica is a great mineral that comes in liquid form, which I prefer due to faster/better absorption, and is great for the health of your skin, nails and hair, among other things. I call this my “vanity ” mineral… Read Article →

Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy)” was written by Casey Beathard and Marla-Cannon Goodman, and recorded by country music artist Rodney Atkins for his 2006 album If You’re Going Through Hell. This was the album’s fourth single and is also Atkins’ fourth consecutive Number One hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, tying… Read Article →

by Darius Rucker “It Won’t Be Like This for Long” is a single by American singer Darius Rucker, who is the former lead vocalist of the popular 90′s rock band Hootie & the Blowfish. It is the second single released from his first country music album, Learn to Live. Rucker co-wrote the song with Chris… Read Article →

If you are experiencing tonsil stones symptoms then you can either choose to treatment them surgically or naturally. Surgeons can either go in and scrap off and remove the stones themselves in a short procedure. However, if you get them a lot of have problems with your tonsils in general a lot they may decide to… Read Article →

Omigawd! I saw Gwyneth was on Oprah, talking about you, Tracy Anderson, her very own personal trainer. And you train Madonna too. That’s so awesome. You know, I’m a personal trainer as well. We should totally get together and braid each other’s hair and share exercise tips, doncha think? It would be so cuuuute. Why,… Read Article →

By Brandi Koskie The appalling news that Donna Simpson is working diligently to become the heaviest woman in the world has been met with shock and awe. Her current weight is more than 600 pounds, and she consumes 12,000 calories each day to help her reach a deadly goal of weighing 1,000 pounds. A 12,000-calorie… Read Article →

For the past few months we’ve been focusing a lot of my Lab’s energy on uncovering some of the reasons behind why children overeat and how to help them easily cut back. Here’s an early finding from one study. It seems a child’s perception of serving size can be adjusted by cutting snacks and foods… Read Article →

Have you ever taken Plan B? Have you ever waited too long after unprotected sex to take it? Would you use it instead of Plan B if you had the option? If you want to split hairs on this issue, the regular birth control pill causes abortions by preventing the fertilized egg from attaching to… Read Article →

The Optifast is a livelong new contrastive act to determination fatness. It was originally privileged to Canada and the Agreed Sates, but quickly cover to opposite countries. Its power is now excavation famous across the globe and is experienced by umteen. The transmute was fashioned for fill painfulness from the venturous effects of fatness. As… Read Article →

Good evening!  Today has been a bad day, but I’m dealing with things okay.  My boyfriend always stays positive for me so that helps tremendously. I had a quick chest and back workout today, not bad for a Friday, lol I have been spending a lot of time trying to get videos made for the… Read Article →

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