Effective Ways to Treat Acne

1st Question: What Kind of Acne?

Just how many ways to treat acne can there be? A simple online search will produce over one million results, and almost that many different “cures” and “treatments”.

But, which ones work? Which ones don’t? Finding effective ways to treat acne can be quite a challenge. Much of what you will find online is nothing but acne product information that is meant to get you to buy a product, and, there’s nothing wrong with that. There are some very good acne treatment products available. Unfortunately, there are just as many bad ones.

The question then becomes…”Of all the ways to treat acne that are out there, which ones are truly effective?”

Actually, the answer is easy to find, once you realize that acne is not a disease in itself, but is really a symptom of another, deeper problem within your body.

Ways to Treat Acne in Teenagers

During your teenage years, when your body is changing from that of a child to an adult, it’s usually the massive over supply of hormones that your body naturally produces. It’s a bit of a “Catch 22”, because, once the hormone levels get high enough, your natural defenses will cause your body to attempt to get rid of the excess by emulsifying them in sebum oil and secreting it through your skin.

This sebum oil tends to pool in skin pores and hair follicles, providing the perfect breeding ground for the P-Acne bacteria. As the amount of bacteria grows, it causes your skin pores to become inflamed. Your body then sends white blood cells to fight the bacteria. The bacteria, sebum oil, and white blood cells continue to accumulate in the pore, and…well, a zit is born.

There is nothing you can do to control hormone production during this time of your life, so, in this case, the most effective ways to treat acne are those that treat the symptoms (zits). Wash (not scrub) the affected area at least twice a day to remove as much sebum oil as you can. Find and use a good acne fighting treatment that contains benzoil peroxide. That is the best way to control the growth of the P-acne bacteria.

Ways to Treat Acne in Adults

Acne that lasts into (or forms during) your adult years is another matter, all together. Your body’s actions are the same (excess sebum oil, etc.), but the underlying cause is usually different, and finding effective ways to treat this acne will require a different mindset.

Cases of adult acne are most often caused by the build-up of excessive chemicals and toxins in your internal organs. These chemicals are everywhere. In our clothes…in our food…in the sodas we drink to quench our thirst. They keep our food fresh, our clothes bright, and provide color to just about everything we produce.

And, for most of us, it’s no problem. For some, however, it’s a very big problem. Some people are stuck with bodies that have a very low tolerance level for these chemicals. So low, in fact, that their body reacts to these toxins the same way that the teen’s body does with hormones.

In adults, effective ways to treat acne must work on both the outside (on your skin) and the inside, with some sort of body detox action.

These kinds of products are very scarce in drug stores and supermarkets, and are most easily found online. Before you buy, however, make sure you are making an educated choice. Read! Learn! Discover the best ways to treat acne for you!