How to Get Rid Of Pink Eye

Critics and doctors cannot agree on the answer to the age old question of how to get rid of pink eye in one day. Individuals claim that they have home or natural remedies to cure pink eye in a short period of time. Bacterial infections are cured with antibiotics while viral infections usually have to run the course. Doctors do agree that viral infections will take between seven to ten days and bacterial infections with antibiotics take between three and five days.

“How do I treat pink eye” can be typed in any search engine on the internet and a wealth of information will come up. There are medical sites that give you the information on viral and bacterial pink eye and what to do if you suspect there might be an eye infection. Many message boards also appear from people claiming their home or natural remedy will cure for pink eye. These home remedies answering the question include lemon juice, Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo and even breast milk. Black tea bags, contact solution and Balmex diaper cream are the most popular among the home remedies. None of these remedies claim to cure pink eye in one day but some do claim to cure it in two to three days.

There is one lone remedy that claims to cure it in one day and that is by using a herb dedicated to eye irritations called eyebright. Just boil several leaves in a cup of water, strain and let cool. Then by using the solution as an eye wash, you will see amazing overnight success. Individuals posting comments on the message boards agree that this herb works amazingly well but not in one day. After two days the infection has improved tremendously. This herb and remedy gets the highest praise of all the postings. Castor oil is a remedy that has been around a long time for other aliments and has also proven to be quite effective in treating pink eye. Just use three times a day and this all time favorite will help remove pink eye naturally and quickly.

The remedy is always the first question everyone wants answered. Start with the doctor to make sure the infection is indeed pink eye and find out if it is viral or bacterial. If it is bacterial you will be given antibiotics and if it is viral you will be given some instructions on face and eye washing. The internet is a good source and has a great deal of information with regards to home and natural remedies for those viral eye infections. Remember to wash your hands frequently as pink eye is a highly contagious infection and can be easily transferred from one human to another. Don’t share eye makeup or washcloths.